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Jesonia, 20 years old. (8) I'm a Trini (8) [True story bro lolz] I'm crazy, fun and I'm random. SMILE! =] My Intentions = I post whatever I like! =D Oh and I'm Kinda obsessed with ONE DIRECTION and TEEN WOLF!!! just kinda....*shrugs*
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1. Your first episode on “Teen Wolf” was an impressive debut. You had badass motorcycle and fight scenes and you got to interact with a lot of the characters, the alpha pack, IsaacAllisonLydiaMelissa. What do you remember best from this first “Teen Wolf” experience?

The biggest take away from my first “Teen Wolf” experience was working on Paramount Studios. It is a huge deal to be able to work on that lot and not every actor gets the opportunity. When I found out we were shooting part of my scenes with Daniel Sharman at Paramount Studios I was ecstatic ! I’ll never forget that.

2. We thought Braeden was killed by Deucalion the same way Kate was seemingly killed by Peter. Kate was turned by the slash with alpha claws. If Braeden had also been turned, what were-creature would mirror her character traits best? 

Although “were-badass” isn’t an actual creature, I’d say that would be the most fitting! But if we were being serious, perhaps some kind of were-creature that is a “protector” would be the most fitting. I don’t think Braeden would turn evil as that doesn’t seem to be in her “true nature”.

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teen wolf rewatch  → 1x01 “wolf moon”

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make me choose | johndiggle asked me
  nogitsune!stiles or dementia!stiles

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we gotta wait till june 2015 for season 5


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